We will be recognised as the region’s leading marine contractor and geosciences service provider and will be respected for competing and delivering at the highest international standards.



We will aim at all times, to exceed expectations: our customer’s, our employee’s, and our own, while delivering our services safely, responsibly and without harm to our environment.



Our people are the cornerstone of our organisation; their training, development and job satisfaction are the top priority. Our service to our customers is our lifeblood; we will strive at all times to exceed theirs expectations. Our profitable growth is the backbone on which all else is built, ensuring a sustainable and successful future for our company.

Capital Signal Company Ltd. (CSCL) is committed to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees and others, who may work, visit or enter the client’s facilities on our company behalf. As a consequence it is the intention to develop and maintain a Health, Safety and Environmental programme which is in line with legal requirements and the best business practices that governs our industry.


Capital Signal Company Limited strives for continuous improvement in our environment, health and safety performance. In furtherance of this policy, Capital Signal Company Limited shall:

  •  Identify potential hazards that may arise through the activities of Capital Signal Company Limited, to assess the risk arising from these and to institute effective control measures to minimize the risk.
  • Implement appropriate measures to prevent accidents, injuries and health impairment of all persons affected by the activities of Capital Signal Company Limited and promote a culture of safety consciousness.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the implementation and management of its health, safety and environmental system.
  • Comply fully with all statutory and contractual Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.
  • Ensure that all Health, Safety and Environmental requirements are communicated, understood and implemented where third party arrangements exist.
  • Provide relevant information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure competence of all employees.
  • Integrate health and safety responsibilities into every day working practices and managerial responsibilities and to continually review, improve and update the policy so that all important and relevant legislation, codes of practice and guidance are taken into account, where appropriate.
  • Monitor, inspect and conduct safety audit to ensure effective management of health and safety throughout Capital Signal Company Limited operations.
  • Provide safe working conditions and equipments to minimize or eliminate incidents.
  • Consult with employees on HSE management and performance.
  • Ensure safe handling and transportation of harmful substances.


Making a good use of our Health, Safety and Environmental commitment, Capital Signal believes that all injuries are preventable.

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