Geophysical & Survey

Positioning, Navigation, Survey and Geosciences

Capital Signal’s Geosciences division provides critical, time-sensitive technical services to multi-billion dollar petroleum exploration and drilling operations, harbour projects, dredging, and other marine construction projects on a world-class level.

Our team is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art gear to meet all survey, geotechnical, navigational and design support needs quickly, safely and cost effectively.

With more than nineteen years in the Geosciences field and working for a wide range of local and international customers, our track record is in excess of 100 successful projects.


Our Services Include:

      • Rig Positioning and Navigation.
      • DGPS/RTK Surveys.
      • Bathymetric Surveys – Multi-beam and Single Beam.
      • Geophysical Surveys.
      • Desktop Studies.
      • Pipeline Route Surveys.
      • 2D High Resolution Surveys.
      • 2D/3D  Seismic Data Reprocessing .
      • Topographic Survey.
      • ROV Inspection Class / Light Work Class.
      • Pre-lay / Post Lay / As-built Surveys.
      • Pipeline Cleaning.
      • MODU Stability and Leg Pen Analyses.
      • Met Ocean and Environmental Surveys.

ROV Services

Through our alliance with Submersible Systems Inc, we provide light to heavy working class ROV systems locally as well as internationally.


2D & 3D Processing, Reprocessing and Reporting Services.

To complement our geophysical survey data acquisition we have formed a joint venture with Geotrace Limited which allows us to perform onboard 2D HR Seismic Data processing on a real-time basis during field acquisition.

This partnership brings with it all of Geotrace’s experience in 3D reprocessing and is now one of the services we offer.

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