Geotechnical Investigations

With more than 10 years field experience, technical expertise, and a range of operational capabilities to meet the needs of our clients, CSCL has steadily built a reputation for efficiency and success.

We have a team of professional and operational staff, complemented by other service consultants and service partners. With our technical expertise and commercial feasibility, we can deliver the performance and results demanded by ourselves and our clients.


Our Services Include:

 Marine/Offshore site investigations including Platform, Jackup M.O.D.U., and Pipeline Route Investigations.
 Transmission zone and Onshore Site Investigations.
 Standard and advanced static testing.
 M.O.D.U. (jackup) footing stability analysis.
 Standard and advanced static geotechnical reporting.
 General Geotechnical Consultancy services.


Our technical capabilities include:

 Conventional Rotary Drilling.
 Rock Coring.
 Wireline CPT system.
 Seabed CPT (Roson) system.
 Jumbo Piston Core system.
 Gravity Core system.

We are always expanding our service offerings. If you do not see the service that you require, our competent teams may be able to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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